This tract is located in Caswell County North Carolina in the Milton area. This piece of property has had a waterfowl impoundment built along the south side of the property that is 10.7 acres in size. The waterfowl impoundment has been used with good results. On the south side of the property along the impoundment is Country Line creek. This creek is a main drainage in the area with the channel running around 35 feet across and some areas of the creek are over 10 feet deep.

Most of the timber on this farm is plantation loblolly pine trees of different age groups. The buffers have been left with hardwoods.

One of the two ponds located on the tract.
Field area located along the road leading to the waterfowl impoundment.
An old tobacco bar converted to storage area on the property.
This is the view from the waterfowl impoundment dam looking back toward Country line creek. The impoundment is 10.7 acres in size.
A view of the thinned pines with the tillable fields shown here growing tobacco.

Another field with hunting stand located on the northern end of the property.
Pines that have been thinned to allow for bigger growth and timber production.